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A Curated Collection of Local Design, Art, Food, Fashion & Handmade Wares in Support of Winnipeg Charities. Launching September 2019!

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Floriography Garden Party Event Presented by Ayoko Design's Anthologie and Pineridge Hollow
Upcoming Event

Floriography Garden Party

Ayoko Design and Pineridge Hollow will be co-hosting the Floriography Garden Party, July 23rd to celebrate the launch of Ayoko Design’s Anthologie Project in support of Winnipeg Charities.

The Floriography (Victorian language of flowers) Garden Party will showcase 15 outdoor entertaining vignettes styled by over 20 local interior designers, decorators and florists, and 20 local vendors selling fresh flowers, art, food, fashion and handmade wares – all artfully displayed on Pineridge Hollow’s beautiful Springfield property, located just outside of Bird’s Hill Provincial Park.

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Designing for Winnipeg Businesses since 1999

We are Ayoko Design, a multidisciplinary design studio celebrating our 20th anniversary serving Winnipeg’s business community. Since 1999, we have worked with a diverse group of clients providing brand consulting, creative direction, graphic design, website design, printing, interior design and publishing services.

As a local business ourselves, and publisher of Anthologie, aDesigned Magazine and Ayoko Magazine featuring local businesses, we get the big picture and our agenda is clear… we care about our clients and the quality of our work, we proudly support local businesses and we strive to promote the Winnipeg business community every way we know how!
We recognize that the growth and direction of our company has never been about us … it’s all about you. Spending your money is not something we take lightly. Contact us for a consultation and we will tailor your project to meet your individual needs and budget.

Cover of Down to Earth Cookbook, in support of Winnipeg Harvest
Special Issue

Down to Earth Cookbook

Down to Earth is a collaborative project of Ayoko Design and the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s CRAFTED Show + Sale. This issue brings together 40 ceramic and culinary artists from Manitoba to feature 20 inspiring pairings of soup recipes and ceramic vessels. Proceeds from the sale of this publication will be donated to Winnipeg Harvest.

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aDesign Magazine Issue 1 Cover, Hut K Furniture
Issue 1, 2018

aDesigned Magazine

The Branded Interiors issue of aDesigned Magazine features art and design resources in our community, and provides readers with inspiration from local design professionals. Proceeds from the sale of this publication will be donated to Winnipeg Harvest.

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