Events & Workshops

Our interior decorating workshops offer inspiration and resources for your D.I.Y. design projects.

Our interior decorating workshops offer inspiration for your D.I.Y. projects

Interior Design Academy D.I.Y. Workshops

Looking for something creative to do? Consider enrolling in one of our workshops. Have fun learning how to design, decorate or create something new for your home or outdoor space.

Design a Geometric Pendant Light
3 Hours

This three-hour workshop includes materials to create a modern geometric shade for a pendant light that you can plug in anywhere in your home. Our interior designer will lead the design process and take participants from inspiration, to concept development and creation, through to completion of the project. Enjoy learning about design and sharing ideas with your friends.

Design Your Dream Backyard
4 Hours

Want to design an oasis right in your own back yard? Join us for a four-hour workshop with our interior designer who will help you create an outdoor living space you never dreamed possible. You will learn to work within the constraints of your space and budget. You will leave with plans and direction that you will need to pursue your outdoor project.

Design & Hang Picture Frame Groupings
2 Hours

Looking for a few tricks to creating a beautiful gallery wall in your home? Come to this four-hour workshop where our interior designer will help you organize your photos, and hang your picture frames on the wall without them looking cluttered and messy. Bring your photos, learn how to create groupings, create focal points, and display your frames in beautifully balanced compositions.

Bookcase Design Demystified
2 Hours

Not sure how to make sense of your messy bookcases? Then it’s time to learn how to make your bookcases a focal point in your home. This two-hour workshop will share tricks for working with the clutter in your space rather than against it. With the help of our interior designer, you will learn about focal points, design principles, and how to apply that knowledge to create beautifully arranged bookcases.

Designing Colour Schemes
3 Hours

Thinking of painting this summer? Want to know how to create a colour scheme that looks like you had a designer do it for you? Learn the basics in colour, as well as ways to create colour schemes for any application. Your walls will look fresh and new, and your furniture, drapery and accessories will look like they just got a facelift. It is amazing what you can do with the right colours.

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