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Commercial and Residential Interior Design Services

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Commercial Interior Design

Branded Interiors: Strategic brand integration to engage customers, inspire employees and express brand culture in a commercial interior space.

When it comes to branding and commercial spaces, you really can’t have one without the other. Whether it’s a retail store, restaurant, office space, pop-up shop, or trade show booth, your company branding is the common thread that ties a physical space to your brand. You already brand your virtual space on your website, so it only makes sense to also brand your physical space for your customers and employees.

A branded interior space makes a visual and emotional connection with anyone who uses that space. So, if your brand colours, fonts, and graphic design elements are not reflected in your commercial interior space, your customers and even your employees may not be able to make the connection you want them to. Regardless of what comes first – your branding or the commercial interior design – the two are intrinsically interconnected. In our business, we understand that offering both these services makes the design experience cost-effective for our clients. Why do things twice when you can do everything all at once?

Company branding can inspire the design of an interior and exterior commercial space, just as pre-existing design elements in that space can inspire a branding refresh. At Ayoko Design, we see company branding and commercial interior design as kindred spirits.

Residential Interior Design

Whether you are designing a brand new home or renovating your current living space, working with an interior designer will help you and your family create a truly collaborative and functional design that maximizes space and convenience, encourages families to spend leisure time together, and allows everyone to personalize their own space within your home.